D'Tails is co-owned by me, Janine and my son, Michael. We have both always been great animal lovers
(especially dogs) and have been very lucky to turn our passion into our careers. We have had a variety of different
dogs in our lives - Jack Russell, Staffie, German Shepherd, Dachshunds, Greyhounds, Border Collies, Corgies
and Standard Poodles, as well as several Heinz varieties.

My two sidekicks are B
ryn and Deefa  - completely stark raving mad Standard Poodles! They're brothers from the
same litter and while they have very different personalities, they are absolutely best buddies. People are always
surprised to learn that they're Poodles as I don't trim them in the typical poodle clip- purely because we prefer the
more scruffy look for them.

Dog grooming has been my passion for years and I have groomed my own dogs and many of those belonging to
friends. I now hold a Diploma, NCFE Level 4 in Professional Dog Grooming. I also have an interest in Creative
About Us
...Where your dog deserves attention to every detail!
Grooming and have been known to do the occasional purple or blue
mowhawk on Bryn. The picture to the left is of me winning 2nd Place in a
competition with Deefa

Michael, after serving a number of years with the US Army, moved to
England to help me expand our dog grooming venture. In 2016 he gained
his City & Guilds Level 3 in Dog Grooming
and the pics to the right and
below show him getting 3rd Place in a grooming competition.