Puppy Grooming Package

For puppies under 6 months, they will have 4 visits. Not all puppy visits will be the same as they are tailored to each dog. The time
spent in each session will be 30 minutes. The aim is to show that the grooming salon is a good place to be, where they will have a
pleasant experience.

Starting slowly, We will introduce your puppy to the salon, the equipment and the process of grooming.
The final visit will (hopefully) end with a bath and dry.

Exploring the salon
Sitting on the grooming table
Being brushed
Having paws touched and held
Having teeth and eyes looked at
Introducing the sound of the dryer
Introducing nail clippers
Introducing toothbrush and toothpaste
Having a bath
Being Dried
Getting a short trim
Guidelines for you to continue the training

£30 for 4 visits (approx 30 mins duration each)
Puppies are welcome after all vaccinations are completed. Puppy's first grooming session will depend on the individual pup; our
priority is to keep your puppy as happy and stress free as possible. He will benefit from new sights, sounds and smells of the
grooming environment from an early age and become accustomed to being handled.   

With a puppies first groom it's a case of what you can do as opposed to what you want to do. Many puppies first experience has a
lasting impression and with a life time of grooming ahead of him or her a good experience is so important.

When it comes to grooming puppies this can be very challenging as they are happy, squirming bundles of energy; they just absolutely
love to move, and normally they are not very good at staying still very long. It is incredibly important that they are groomed, because
small pups can grow into big dogs. It is far easier to train a small puppy to have his nails clipped than it is to battle with a fully grown
German Shepherd that doesn’t want to have his nails clipped.

Puppies’ coats are very different to adult ones. Long coats haven’t grown to their full length and other types of coat take time to achieve
the texture, their double coat and their thickness. Puppies do not need to be groomed as often as adults do, but it is important that
grooming is frequent to get the them into the habit now, as it will make future grooming sessions far easier.

At the start, pups do not understand that you holding their paws, cleaning their ears, looking in their mouth, brushing them etc. are
essential and non-painful things for them. They can learn very quickly, and with the right training will soon discover that grooming is
safe, rewarding and inevitable.

You teach the puppy to be groomed in the same sort of way as you socialise him with other people and dogs. To do that you need to do
little and often each day. You can’t expect a ten-week old puppy to endure an hour of brushing, but he may need an hour of brushing
when he's older.

When do you start grooming? I would say this is done the day after you bring him home. Whenever the puppy gets nervous or scared
about what you’re doing to him, stop and take a step back. You want little-or-nothing grooming sessions to evolve gradually and
comfortably into a proper full-blown grooming schedule, all the while keeping grooming sessions positive for him.
...Where your dog deserves attention to every detail!
For dogs older than 6 months who have never been groomed before, and require an Intro Package, the cost will be £40 for 4 visits.