The Salon offers a wide range of Services:
Wash and Dry
Full Custom Groom
Scissor Cutting
Hand Stripping
Nail Trimming
Ear Cleaning
Teeth Brushing
Puppy Grooming
Senior Dog Grooming
Advice on Coat Care & Maintenance

In all the treatments, the coat is brushed and de-matted thoroughly. Proessional shampoos and conditioners
are used that are best suited to your dogs coat & skin type. We don't use cage or  cabinet drying, so all dogs
are hand dried with towels and a blow dryer for the best finish.
Wash & Dry
This service maintains the appearance and hygiene of your pet:
Shampoo and Conditioning
Blow dry
Full brush out
Nail Trimming and Ear & Eye Cleaning

Wash & Dry Plus
This keeps the current length of the coat by lightly trimming and taking out some dead coat.
This includes all services above, plus trimming the hair around:
Paws and in between the pads
Ears Cleaning
Bottom & Privates

Full Custom Groom
This includes all services above, plus a full removal of dead hair with
a complete trim using clippers and/or scissors or hand stripping for wire-haired breeds.
The first time your dog comes in, We will do a complete pre-groom consultation with you. This will
involve discussing any problems, medical history, previous grooming, and what type of grooming
treatment will be best. We will then fully examine his skin and coat, looking for any bumps, warts, cuts
or ear infections. Subsequent visits will have a shorter consultation time, but the examination will be
the same.
Wash & Dry
Wash & Dry Plus
Full Custom Groom
Full Custom Groom
Hand Stripping
Smooth Coated Breeds
£15 - £30
£15 - £30
Clipped/Scissored Breeds
£20 - £40
£25 - £50
£30 - £60
Wire Coated Breeds
£20 - £40
£25 - £50
£30 - £60
£45 - £65
* The prices above are an estimate as total costs depend on the condition of the dog's coat, his/her behaviour, and the amount of time it takes.

A badly matted coat that requires shaving off will cost up to twice the price of a regular groom due to the extra time
and strain on both dog and groomer and the extra costs incurred to have the blades resharpened.

Nail Trimming (included in all packages) can be done separately for £7- £12, depending on the size and compliance of the dog
Teeth Brushing can be added to the packages or alone for £2
...Where your dog deserves attention to every detail!
Please Note:
Grooming is done by appointment only - no walk-ins
Payment is expected at time of service with cash or cheque (sorry - no credit/debit cards)